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Coworking in Carantec

The CocoLéon advent calendar

Hello the CocoLeon team!

Throughout the month of December, we have organized an advent calendar made in CocoLéon on our Instagram page. We have posted a photo every day.

We have organized several contests by giving away a few prizes to our subscribers: Advent calendar, book, bracelet, oyster knife, towel, tote bag or duvet wash.

We have also shared photos of the coworking space , team members, our loved ones and Carantec .

We would like to thank all the people who participated in our various contests. Your coming to the coworking space to pick up the lots has allowed us to talk to you and give you a tour of the space.

The list of merchants in which you will find the lots that may have interested you:

The CocoLeon team
Calendrier de l'avent Tout au long du mois de décembre, nous avons mis en place un calendrier de l'avent made in CocoLéon ©CocoLéon