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Coworking in Carantec

Eat and stay in Carantec

At CocoLéon, it is possible to cook or bring your own dish. The lunch break area is equipped with hotplates, microwaves, crockery, refrigerator.

There are also many shops in the town center or corners of Carantec where you can eat:

Food shops


Restaurants in the town center

600 meters from CocoLéon - 5-10 minutes on foot

The restaurants of the port

1 kilometer from CocoLéon - 12-15 minutes on foot

Kelenn's restaurants

1.2 kilometers from CocoLéon - 15-20 minutes on foot


If you don't know where to sleep, we have the solution! There are several places in or around Carantec for accommodation.


Le jour du marché Thursday morning is market day in Carantec. ©CocoLéon