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Coworking in Carantec

Coworking in Finistère

Why telework in Brittany?

A historical and tourist region, Brittany has a strong cultural heritage with exceptional landscapes. A joie de vivre and a good quality of life await you. And then between us, working with your feet in the water – or almost – what do you say?

Are you looking for a coworking space in Brittany? by the seaside ?

So look no further! Between the Morlaix river and the Penzé, the Carantec peninsula in northern Finistère opens the doors to an exceptional coastline, that of the Bay of Morlaix. Surrounded by water, the town of Carantec offers unique landscapes, beaches facing south, west, north or east, depending on the winds, there is always a stretch of sheltered coast.

Do you want an exotic but accessible teleworking space?

Carantec, between land and sea, between armor and argoat, between fishing and agriculture, in the country of Léon is a land of contrast and guaranteed change of scenery. 10 minutes from Morlaix Tgv station and 45 minutes from Brest airport, the Carantec coworking space - open space, shared offices, individual office - is 1 hour from Brest or Quimper, 1h30 from Lorient , 2 hours from Rennes, 3 hours from Nantes, and 3h15 from Paris. Not so far from the metropolises of the great west to come and work remotely in the great outdoors in Brittany , a week or more if you like ;-)

With pleasant offices necessary to work well from home?

Yes, the idea of renovating this village house is to make it a practical and warm place. The open space workstations are composed of large trays, comfortable chairs, with a secondary 27" screen because 2 screens for teleworking is much more practical! with keyboard mouse if necessary. Depending on the formulas, there are closed offices for 1 or 2 people. Access is free via digicode. For after sports or after bathing, there are 2 showers available. A meeting room on one level, rather cool and which opens onto the south-facing terrace and garden.

What services in this Breton coworking?

In terms of services, it's classic: wifi or Ethernet internet , network printer, online reservation solution, car and bicycle parking, kitchen and living space so that the small community of workers feels good, sharing good times in a relaxed atmosphere, while keeping the premises conducive to work.
And finally, you can enjoy a good meal in one of the great local restaurants in Carantec.

A fun place with activities after office work is done?

But yes of course !! CocoLéon, Carantec's coworking space is 10 minutes from the port and the church. A strategic location that allows you to do everything on foot or by bike. Depending on your preferences, a multitude of activities await you, and we will be able to advise you, give you good addresses, our favorite spots, contacts to discover what some consider to be "the most beautiful bay in the world"!!

Your choice: stroll to Callot Island , go fishing on foot, take a bath at high tide or even visit "La Mer Veille" in the bay, more commonly known as the Château du Taureau near the island's lighthouse Louet.

If you are a fan of water sports, Carantec has a nautical center located on Kelenn beach which offers various water sports: sailing, kayaking, paddle, water walking or even scuba diving with all the equipment for hire.

Elected favorite hiking trail of the French in 2018, the GR34 runs along the Bay of Morlaix for more than 20 km from Carantec to Roscoff. Also called the "customs officers' path", it is practiced in small sections offering splendid viewpoints for dynamic afterworks and ending your working day in front of one of its incredible sunsets on the port side. Beautiful photos guaranteed for your selfies like " I'm teleworking in Brittany, man!! "

You are very sporty , so the tennis club or the golf course await you. Rather silly? then the cinema L'étoile offers you its soft red seats recently redone, and then you can choose between the 3 bars of the town center or among the many restaurants .

Every Thursday morning is market day in the town center of Carantec. You can then come and discover the products of Léon as well as the oysters of the bay of Morlaix or take advantage of the shops.

An ideal quality of life for telecommuting in the bay of Morlaix ! And all this within a perimeter of 2-3 kilometers!

Sometimes better than grand speeches,here is a selection of personal photos of the Bay of Morlaixand the Carantec coworking space

And on the price side? What are the rates for the Carantec coworking space?

CocoLéon offers prices equivalent to coworking spaces in urban centers of major cities in France. Certainly Carantec is a small town in Brittany, but by the sea in an area known for its tourist attraction and with volumes of offices and workstations lower than large coworking spaces. It's a very different telework experience ... be careful to try it is to adopt it!!

It is possible to reserve a workstation on a personal basis or on behalf of a company. The company that manages the space can issue invoices for individuals, autoentrepreneurs or companies.

What do the creators of the Carantec coworking space think? and teleworking in Brittany?

Coworking according to Valérie

Living in Carantec is great, being able to work there is even better.

In Carantec, we live to the rhythm of the tides and the weather and we can reconcile work and personal life.

Whether it's gray or sunny, there's always something to do because the environment is exceptional. Whether you like swimming, going on the water, fishing, walking, everything is possible!

The icing on the cake, our center offers very nice bistros and restaurants , shops, cultural and sports activities, a lively market on Thursday mornings, a farm to find incredible vegetables and local products, a brasserie, tastings of oysters with sea view.

And you can do almost everything on foot : play tennis, play golf, go to the cinema, meet artists, go for a drink...

Shuttles offer tours of the bay, visits to the Château du Taureau, walks to the island of Batz... A little further, by car this time, you have a well-known spot for kiteboarding and surf.

And in 10 minutes, you arrive in Morlaix, a very pleasant little town with cultural facilities and very nice shops.

At CocoLéon, you are in the heart of the village and enjoy a very nice setting and tools for working, a very sunny garden and terrace, and you even have the possibility of renting a studio if you want accommodation 2 steps away . from your temporary office .

So I can tell you that this coworking space will be an ideal place for you to enjoy the sea, the islands, nautical and cultural activities. And above all, to meet people who work there all year round or who take advantage of the spaces occasionally to have a good quality of life at work .

It 's the spirit of the place , to meet, exchange, share good times while working and exchange good tips to make the most of it! And that's why we created it!

Coworking according to Pierre

Of course, working or telecommuting in Brittany by the sea is first and foremost work;) Nevertheless, the quality of life is incomparable. This proximity to nature, to the sea and the entire coastal ecosystem provides sensations that the city does not provide. It's hard to describe exactly the benefits of a less urban life, I would say that you feel more alive !

Here in Brittany, and particularly on the north coast, the landscape changes every quarter of an hour to the rhythm of the tides. The air is invigorating and the colors of the sky are constantly changing. Yes sometimes it is gray, but the shades of gray are incredibly beautiful.

And then in Carantec, there is not only this exceptional nature of the bay of Morlaix . It is a city, certainly a small city but with shops open all year round, full of activities and a real social life. As everything is easier than in town, we go to the cinema more often than before in Rennes, we find friends easily at the bistro at the end of the week, we hold a tennis, a golf course or a kayak outing in 5 minutes to the coming weekend.

With coworking at CocoLéon , it's a bit like this idea of allowing teleworkers from urban centers to benefit from the charms of this exceptional territory. For a few days, a week or more, they work but change universes and during breaks and free time can organize a trip to Callot Island, fishing on the foreshore, a kayak or kite trip , tennis...

My opinion after 2 years here is that the quality of the framework and the well-being contribute to their productivity, to the quality of work and creation. Teleworking in Carantec in northern Brittany is now a dream come true.

L'île Callot vue du ciel en ULM Ile Callot at low tide seen from the sky in a microlight overlooking the turquoise water of the bay of Morlaix. ©CocoLéon
Le levé du soleil sur le château du Taureau Sunrise over the Château du Taureau, the sea watching over the bay of Morlaix and the lighthouse on Île Louët. ©CocoLéon
Séance de wakeboard devant l'île Louët et le château du Taureau en baie de Morlaix The photo here represents a wakeboarding session in front of Louët Island and the Château du Taureau located in Carantec, in the bay of Morlaix. ©CocoLéon
Régate de voilier autour de l'île Callot The traditional sailing regattas around Callot Island are always a delight for sailors and spectators. ©CocoLéon