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Coworking in Carantec

Coworking and coliving spaces

Coworking and Coliving space

Les espaces de coworking sont des lieux qui sont partagés et qui permettent à des travailleurs indépendants, entrepreneurs, ou des salariés d'entreprises de travailler ensemble dans un environnement collaboratif.

The term coworking

Coworking spaces are places that are shared and allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, or company employees to work together in a collaborative environment.

These workspaces offer many advantages such as: flexibility, cost reduction, creation of a professional network, creation of social ties as well as benefiting from shared equipment such as meeting rooms, printers, common areas (kitchen, relaxation area...)

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular due to the rise of remote working and the need for freelancers to have a professional workplace in order to separate work and personal life.

In addition, coworking places can offer a unique work environment that is conducive to productivity and conviviality .

The flexibility of the location allows users to adapt very easily according to their needs .

The term Coliving

The word “ Coliving ” refers to shared housing where the various residents have private and shared spaces .
Shared spaces can be: kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and work spaces while private spaces are usually bedrooms.

Coliving is becoming more and more popular among young professionals, students or even digital nomads because of the conviviality of the places, the flexibility as well as a very affordable cost .

Coliving can provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other users to create links between them.

The terrace and the garden of the CocoLéon coworking space face south. ©CocoLéon