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Coworking in Carantec

Coco Domi

Business domiciliation

The business address is the official address of a business. This is its headquarters.

Domiciling your business

In the context of a coworking place like CocoLéon, a business address can be important and useful for freelancers and small businesses that do not have a permanent physical address and who often work remotely. In effect, it allows them to have a business address at which they can receive their mail without the need for a long-term physical office.

It is important to note that a business address in a coworking space does not mean that the company has a physical office there. The business address is only an administrative address .

Our offer

50 € excl. VAT of application fees + 80 € excl. VAT / quarter with:

  • Domiciliation of the registered office - initial commitment of 12 months, notice and termination of 3 months
  • Postal domiciliation - receipt of mail (in the common BAL)
  • Postal domiciliation - receipt of parcels (working days and hours) - without commitment
  • Mail notification of mail arrival - weekly verification usage, with monthly verification guarantee
  • Collection of mail by the resident in the coworking space (during working days and hours)
Optional :
  • Resending temporary mail (once a week for a maximum of 1 month): €50 excluding tax
  • Rental of an office or meeting room with a 20% discount on the current rate
Au bout de l'île Callot à Carantec, s'ouvre la baie de Morlaix After 20 minutes of walking on the island, the path unfolds between moors, heather and ferns, and granite chaos. In January, brown hues contract the blue of the sky and the sea. ©CocoLéon