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Coworking in Carantec

Coworking space in Brittany

Credits for the CocoLéon website at Carantec

The website of the company CHEFAM, specializing in the rental of offices and housing, was designed and produced by the web service providers and/or the natural persons listed below. Thank you for their cooperation.

General design of the website: Versio digital agency in Rennes and Carantec

Web design and html integration: Versio
based on a graphic design by Laurène Kerbiriou
Photographs: Valérie Le Tarnec and Pierre Cheminant

Web developments: Versio
based on the Laravel solution and content management interfaces

Texts: written by employee and associates CheFam sarl

Illustrations and photos: CheFam associates and friends
and thank you to the "model" friends for their participation in the shooting

Hosting: Versio on Virtual Private Server solution (see Legal Notice )

Web maintenance: Versio