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Coworking in Carantec

The hunted - crossed

Avec les vacances de février, CocoLéon le lieu de coworking ouvert depuis fin 2022 à Carantec, en Bretagne, expérimente son premier chassé-croisé de résidents !

Open since December 2022, the CocoLéon coworking space is experimenting with its first crossover!

No, it's not road traffic, but telecommuting users in CocoLéon's shared office space.

With the 2 weeks of vacation in February, the 1st permanent residents of the coworking have gone on vacation and are replaced by occasional residents who arrive from the cities to accompany their families on vacation in Brittany.
They can thus continue to telecommute and enjoy their family morning, noon and evening and be there on weekends.
At work, of course, but with a real change of pace compared to the daily life of urban life. Come to Carantec by the sea to breathe the sea air and take a deep breath of fresh air!

With the great weather and the days getting longer, there is still time after the working day, the visios to take a walk by the water. Telecommuting in Carantec in this beautiful weather is the best.

See you soon,
The CocoLeon team

Email : hello@cocoleon.bzh
Telephone : 09 77 35 47 78
Chassé - croisé Nos premiers résidents à l'année sont partis en vacances et sont remplacés par des résidents "ponctuels" qui arrivent des grandes villes pour profiter de leur famille qui eux sont en vacances ©CocoLéon