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Coworking in Carantec

Workspace in Carantec

The CocoLéon logo is out

The logo step of a new structure is always an important step and not so easy. If the name CocoLéon has been chosen for a few months, it still had to be shaped through the logo.

CocoLéon tells the story of our desire to create a CO-working and CO-living space in Brittany in the town of Carantec in the country of LÉON -BRO LÉON in Breton- in northern Finistère where we have installed our space . of work .

Admittedly, we didn't look very far, some would say, but hey, we found ourselves in this wink combining both the " Coworking " activity and the " Le Léon " territory.

Coco also refers to the idea of a bird - often a parrot - inspired by stone birds placed everywhere on the roof of the house transformed into offices . These granite birds carved by the former owner, we have chosen to keep them because they are a signature, a well-known identification in the town of Carantec which distinguishes this slightly classic neo-Breton house from those around it. So what better way for this place of reception to be easily identified by the migratory birds that are the teleworkers from elsewhere !!

A simple, warm, friendly logo

" Simple, readable, friendly, warm, which doesn't pretend to... " This is more or less the brief provided to Laurène, the Artistic Director of Roscoff that we have chosen. In terms of creation and digital , working locally is also often a good eco-responsible approach , the one we have also implemented in the choice of craftsmen for the renovation of buildings. In short, Laurène's creative approach and her proposals met our expectations very well... all that remained was to make a choice, to refine the version of the logo chosen, the elements of the base line, the avatar and the variations.

Today we are comfortable with the logo of CocoLéon's coworking space in Carantec and the avatar inspired by our granite birds. It looks like what we wanted to convey as an image.

A big thank you Lauren!

Logo fond bleu carré ©CocoLéon
Mascotte fond bleu carré ©CocoLéon
Mascotte fond bleu rond ©CocoLéon
Logo fond bleu bord rond ©CocoLéon